Friday, July 31, 2009

Creationism and Intelligent Design vs the Theory of Evolution

Monkeys vs Jesus

Years ago there was a brilliant April Fool’s Day editorial in Scientific American — they had 'wisely' decided to stop one-sidedly endorsing the theory of evolution, and will be henceforth giving Creationism and Intelligent Design the attention it so deeply deserves.

I’ve been meaning to address this subject at length; I feel like the seeping of Creationist toilet paper into public education and public policy discussions is a symptom of a much larger phenomenon, one that shows an alarming shift from an evidence-based society to one that is more faith-based and vulnerable to fascistic influences.

I keep trying to write more about it, I really do... but the subject makes me so fecking angry that I inevitably end up clutching my hair, shrieking, and then blacking out — only to wake up hours later, shaken, drenched in blood, with an inexplicable ringing sound in my head.